I began seeing Melissa when I was suffering from anxiety.  I was not sleeping at the time and struggling to go into work every day with even the smallest task seeming an enormous challenge.  I had a series of sessions with Melissa over a period of months in combination with anti-anxiety medication.  My sessions were originally CBT, but moved into psychodynamic therapy.  Eight months later I am absolutely back to myself; enjoying life, sleeping and without any symptoms of anxiety.  Due to my sessions with Melissa, I know the working of my brain much better.  I am now able to understand why my anxiety might have started, what the triggers were and how to cope if it returns in the future.  Melissa manages to combine the utmost professionalism with the feeling that she really cares about her clients.  I recommend her wholeheartedly and think I would not be the person I am again today without her.


A client from late 2015